• When & Where we meet

    1st & 3rd Wednesday (12:00pm)
    The Big Four Café, 121 Depot Street, Batesville, IN

    Last Tuesday (6:30pm) at a local restaurant. See our calendar for the location, as well as for exceptions, additional activities, and events.
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    Interested in personal membership? Click here for a PDF form. Please print this form and fill it out. Give the printed form to a Batesville Rotarian, or mail to us at:
    Batesville Rotary Club
    PO Box 203
    Batesville, IN 47006

    NEW! Corporate / Organization / Gov't Entity Memberships are now available!
    Contact us (see below) for more information.
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    Rotary Club of Batesville, IN
    PO Box 203
    Batesville, IN 47006


  • Rotary Theme 2020-2021

  • Rotary Motto

    Rotary: Service Above Self
  • Rotary International Convention

Batesville Rotary Home Repair Grant

The Rotary Club of Batesville was awarded a District Grant from Rotary District 6580 (southern Indiana) for a total amount of $6,000 for the purpose of repairing 2 or 3 homes in the area of Gandou, Haiti.In the area of Gandou, Haiti, there are around 10,000 people living in approximately 2,500 houses. With the earthquake that struck Haiti on January 2010, it was reported that 636 homes were crushed and an additional 480 were damaged in the area of Gandou. A typical home in Gandou is a 2-room building.The main reason for the homes not being repaired is the owners can’t afford the cost to repair them. The people of Gandou, Haiti are an agricultural society that lives off the land. Their income is from selling their crops or crafts that they make. Their income does not generate enough money to feed their families three meals a day. That is why the houses remain in their damaged state. Repairing or rebuilding these homes will get these families out of the elements and improve their health and well-being.

ALISE PIERRE is the second family for this project. Notice most of the walls of the house are fabric.
SONIA PRUNIER has 8 children and has just one-room so we are adding another room during the repair of the old house.

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